Rock-solid, managed hosting

Say goodbye to bottom-of-the-barrel hosting and the anxiety that goes with it. Our, robust, cloud-based infrastructure means your sites always perform.

We have been hosting websites and apps for our clients for nearly two decades and we have seen and done it all, from super cheap shared hosting to expensive dedicated servers for our clients sites. We believe we have found the perfect sweet spot of hosting services, where you don’t have to contend with thousands of websites sharing your server and poor reliability and support but you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars per month for your own dedicated server and then deal with the costs that come with managing a server.

 Lightning Fast Page Load Speed

Unbeatable performance. Robust caching comes standard. We’ve optimized our platform for quick page loads, meaning more conversions and more success for your business. You’ll get top performance out of even the highest traffic sites.

 Automated Backups

Your site is backed up every night and you get a complete snapshot of your site, and that pleasant feeling that comes with knowing that is anything goes wrong, happiness is just one click away.

 Global Reach

With data centers around the world, we are committed to unbeatable page speeds for a global audience. We determine which of our 10 data centers in Asia, Europe, and North America is best to host your site, ensuring the best speeds possible for both you and your users

 CDN (Optional)

If you or your visitors are on the other side of the world, we’re still right here for you. Or rather, we’re right there. With the CDN add-on, your visitors will receive images and static files from the server that’s physically closest to them. That proximity ensures their experience with your site is blazingly fast.

 Free SSL Certificates

SSL is known best by two obvious indicators: the green padlock and https://. If a visitor sees these two things, they know that their info is being encrypted and they can freely interact with the site without worry. Our platform and Let’s Encrypt™’s free SSL certificates work together to give your site a nice boost in both SEO and security.

 Hardened Security

We take security seriously. Having your site hacked absolutely sucks. Nobody wants to have tasteless ads show up on their homepage or spam go out from their email. That’s why we make sure our servers are secured by leading technology and have a team of dedicated security professionals monitoring your sites.

Hosting Plans




10,000 Monthly Visits
2GB SSD Storage
100GB Bandwidth
Automatic Backups
SSL (+$10/mo)
CDN (+$10/mo)




20,000 Monthly Visits
4GB SSD Storage
400GB Bandwidth
Automatic Backups
SSL (included)
CDN (+$10/mo)




50,000 Monthly Visits
8GB SSD Storage
800GB Bandwidth
Automatic Backups
SSL (included)
CDN (included)




100,000+ Monthly Visits
10GB SSD Storage
1TB Bandwidth
Automatic Backups
SSL (included)
CDN (included)

Interested? Get In Touch

    Are there more plans?

    Yes, if you have something that you feel doesn’t fit in any of these plans then let us know and we’ll create something custom for you. Expecting a massive influx of traffic? Our platform can handle millions of visitors and will scale automatically no matter which plan you are on. If it becomes a regular thing we will chat to you about switching plans.

    Plan Discounts

    Our plans are priced competitively and provide exceptional value for money. However we do have plan discounts for select clients that host multiple sites with us and for various pro-bono projects and non-profits. If you think you qualify please chat to us.

    Account Activation

    Since we host sites almost exclusively for clients whom we have performed work for (website or application design/maintenance) the website will likely be hosted on a staging server. Once we are ready to go live we simply deploy the site to the production server and the hosting account is activated. You will receive a bill that will recur each month.

    Cancellation Process

    Hosting accounts can be cancelled at any time. Just email us and let us know that you no longer need your website hosting and we will discontinue the billing service immediately and cancel the account. Hosting fees are paid monthly in advance so just let us know within 48 hours of your billing date to ensure that we can cancel the auto billing in time. The website files, database and associated resources are likely your property (based on your project terms) so these will be backed up and provided to you. Assistance can also be provided if you are moving your website elsewhere.