About Tinkerswitch

We’re a Dubai based web design and development company with a team that works from Dubai as well as the UK, South Africa and the USA. We’re great atĀ building websites and web applications. Nuff said.

Who are we?

We are a team of programmers, designers and Internet consultants who have been providing web based services to our clients for over 10 years. We love building websites, web applications and mobile apps that are both creative yet functional (yes we wrestle with that too sometimes) and are also clean, professional and a pleasure to use.

We also realise that building it is just the first step and they will not come unless we invite them, so it goes without saying that we know how to speak nicely to Google and co to ensure that your website get the attention that it deserves.

What we do

Put simply, we build websites and Internet applications that do what you need them to and that are a pleasure to look at, a pleasure to use, easy to afford and that provide amazing ROI.Don’t just take out word for it – ask any of our clients!

We also provide consulting services regarding web strategy. Need to make sense of all that jargon out there and apply it to your business in a realistic way? Then we are your guys since we remove the buzz and give you the words that matter.